Sulwhasoo’s Research & Technology

Ginsenomics™ exemplifies Sulwhasoo’s 50-year commitment to ginseng research and technology development since the release of ABC Ginseng Cream in 1966 . Sulwhasoo has conducted on entire ginseng plants and identified the efficacy of respective parts through Ginsenomics™.


Sulwhasoo has developed an outstanding ginseng processing technology, Bio-conversion Technology to deliver saponin to the deeper layers of skin. The advanced bioscience and nano technologies enables the extraction of active ingredients from ginseng and the delivery of Compound K and Ginsenoside F1 to the skin.


By encapsulating skin-firming ginseng ingredients, the cutting-edge Ginsenisphere delivers anti-aging ingredients to the deeper layer of the skin to firm it up.

Ginseng, the best ingredient for firming facial contours

Ginseng contains “Ginsenoside”, which makes the skin healthy. It requires practice and utmost care to ensure Ginsenoside delivers optimal efficacy and retains high purity.

Ginseng plants have roots, stems and flowers, which play a different role in skin’s health.

NEWConcentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum

  1. Ginseng energy extracted from ginseng leaves, stems and roots for synergy

    Fortify the skin's fundamental supporting structure that is responsible for firmness to well up elasticity from within
  2. Upgraded Ginsenisphere

    Sulwhasoo's proprietary technology fully delivers active ingredients into skin.
  3. Redefining facial contours

    Achieve firm facial contours that look flawless from any angle.

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Line

Sulwhasoo’s signature Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Line embodies Sulwhasoo’s brand philosophy that pursues refined and youthful skin by addressing skin problems at their root causes.